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Sour cream and sea salt for healthy nails

Rarely we have enough time to take care of our hands and in particular the nails. There are always some household chores that must be done and which harm not only the soft skin of the hands, but also the beautiful and healthy nails. To maintain a nice manicure it …

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Miracle Trick to Make Matte Nail Polish

What are you doing when you have just glossy nail polish and you want to wear matte nail polish? There is a simple answer: you will apply this miracle trick and you will transform the glossy nail polish into matte nail polish without spending any money. There is a very …

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5 minutes nail polish removal tutorial

Disclaimer: I am definitely recommending this method. I do not claim this as my own. I learnt it from Deborah Lippmann so I’ll recognise her as the original source. However, the true origin of this amazing 5 minutes method is yet to be discovered. 

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10 Christmas Nail Art Ideas

The season of giving is nearing and when you have done your Christmas preparations, the next thing to do would be to get yourself ready for Christmas. This is the season where a lot of things are happening at the same time. Being the most awaited occasion all year long, …

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How to Grow Nails that Are Long, Strong and Healthy

Why is it so hard to grow and maintain gorgeous nails? One big reason: Nails aren’t alive; they’re dead (if they were living tissue, they could repair themselves instead of making us do it for them). If nails aren’t alive, then how do they grow? Actually, they don’t; new cells …

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