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Natural Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink Eye is a common eye infection resulting in inflammation of the conjunctiva, a mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eye. The infection and inflammation cause blood vessels present in the conjunctiva to become more prominent thereby making the eye look reddish pink. It is a contagious …

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Natural Liquid Foundation Recipe

I have to tell you that finding completely natural, affordable makeup can be a real challenge. I am still looking for the perfect natural makeup that doesn’t break the bank. But in the meantime, I have a few awesome foundation recipes that I wanted to share with you. The bases …

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7 Bad Makeup Habits You Need To Break Today

Makeup is very personal. Whether you enjoy an hour of elaborate makeup application each morning, or you’re more of a gloss-and-go kind of lady, most women have set makeup routines to get them through the day. Many of which were probably established back in high school or even earlier, when …

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5 DIY Face Masks to Banish Dry Winter Skin

  Maybe all of the holiday shopping has your wallet on the lighter side or perhaps you’re up for some beauty experimenting. Either way, there are some multitasking edibles in your pantry or fridge that can be mixed together to create a super moisturizing face mask. Food for your face is …

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The Best Beauty Secrets From Around the World

It’s easy to spot the latest American beauty trends and products—they’re broadcasted on televison, featured in our stacks of magazines, and plastered on our Pinterest newsfeeds. But have you ever wondered if there was more out there? If you want your makeup bag to be as worldly and well-traveled as …

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