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The Best Makeup Tips To Make Your Deep Set Eyes More Gorgeous!

You will obtain a great makeup if you always take into account your face features and customize your makeup look according to them. In other words your physical facial attributes should dictate the way in which you apply your makeup. For instance, if you have deep set eyes, you can make this a great feature by doing your eye makeup specifically to make your eyes appear bigger. In this case, your makeup just needs to accentuate your natural beauty. There are some makeup tips for ladies with deep set eyes:

  • Choose Light Shades, Such As Pink Or Peach

Use lighter colored eye shadows at the corners of your eye lids. This means that you should opt for light or translucent shades to move the appearance of your eyes forward just a bit. It is a subtle makeup trick that will create a soft eye makeup look that is natural and is not too overpowering. The best light shades to choose from are pale pink or peach, which will highlight your eyes.

  • Apply Dark Shades Just At The Outer Corner Of The Eye Lid

You can then apply a darker shade of eye shadow starting at the outer corner of the eye lid. This will give your eye a pop of color and will also make your eyes stick out a bit more.

  • Curler Is Also Important

Always remember to curl your eyes if you have deep set eyes. This will help to make your eyes pop more if you curl your lashes before you apply mascara. Don’t apply a lot of mascara if you curl your lashes beforehand. Just apply light mascara to get the perfect makeup look.

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